Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Leaving on a jet plane

I’m sad. I’m sad to be saying goodbye. In a couple of hours Isaac will be driving me to the airport. He’ll be flying off to Vancouver for work, and I’ll be flying home.

It’s not that I won’t be happy to see Dave, the greenness of Derbyshire in May and the cow parsley, but it’s such a wrench to leave my family. I love hanging out with them…the girls getting into bed with me most mornings, sitting down to eat as a family, watching films together, chatting to Wendy, cycling with Isaac.

Some of the things I will miss quite apart from the family are:

the warm sunshine, 

the blue blue skies, 

the cycling on paved trails, 

the fact that you can have a salad for lunch almost anywhere, 

the margaritas,

the coffee machine,

Grey’s Anatomy, to which I am now addicted,

the lack of responsibility,

being away from household worries,

the cats.

I will even miss the large rocks in the new front garden, which the girls have all given names to, and which I have memorised just to prove that I can…

Dwayne the rock Johnson, Depression, Lichen Rocky, Karen, Loathe, Malice, Styx, Patate, Flamboyance, Larry, Laurence and Loppip. And the new water feature Gaia. Cece wanted to give them all ages but I have refused to even listen, let alone memorise those.

The girls holding Gaia, who is now surrounded by comely pebbles


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a fabulous time, lots of happy memories. Derbyshire is looking lush, green & damp. The cow parsley awaits! Safe journey. Sally

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Sall. I’m home now and the lush greenness after Boulder is breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

Such memories, Sue for all of you. This experience was hard won and must have been all the sweeter for that
Love the story of the rocks! Such creative spirits which must so delight you. Safe travels back to the green of England and to Dave
Ana x

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you, Ana. It was wonderful to be with them all. And the rocks…It reminded me that when I was their age my sister and I named three rocks that we saw on the beach everyday.

I’m sorry Sally that your name appeared as Sall - it was a typo.

marmee said...

Big hugs!