Friday, May 05, 2023

Let them eat cake

Do you remember Noggin the Nog?

Sometimes the girls and I watch an ancient episode on YouTube. We love it’s quaintness, and the girls fall about laughing at the primitive animation. I love the dark tone of the narration.

In the lands of the north, where the dark rocks stand guard against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long, the men of the north land sit by the great log fires and they tell a tale…they tell of…”

      But listen to this bit…

“…Now every morning as the sun rose, King Knut [the father of Noggin the Nog]  put on his crown and took his morning walk, up the steep path beside his castle to the rock above the town, the rock which was known as Knut’s seat. There he sat. And as the sun rose behind the mountains to melt away the black clouds of night, King Knut would begin to worry. He would look down on the harbour and the little wooden houses and he would worry about his people. And what they would eat in winter, and whether their roofs leaked, and whether they had warm socks this cold weather.”

King Knut

Is the new king of England concerned that people are in full time work and still have to go to food banks? That people can’t afford to heat their houses in cold weather? That people have to live in dank properties in disrepair because of the lack of affordable housing? That they have to wait 9 hours for an ambulance?

That this overblown and ridiculous coronation is completely at odds with the state of the country? 

If he wants such a ceremony he should be paying for it himself.

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