Monday, June 12, 2023

Daisies are our silver

Daisies are our silver,
Buttercups our gold:
This is all the treasure
We can have or hold.

My sweet peas are doing well this year. They had a good start and there’s been a lot of sunshine, which makes them thrive. Long time readers of the blog might think that sweet peas are my favourite flowers, but they’d be wrong. I’m more in love with the wild daisies that people call oxeye daisies and I call moonpennies. 

Last year was an amazing year for them and they self seeded in my neighbour’s roadside garden and looked so, so lovely. He was not pleased with the way they wanted to take over from everything else, and one day in early spring I saw him digging them up. So I asked if I might have them, and I planted them in several places in my borders. 

We also have a self seeded patch in the back lawn which I’ve been protecting from the lawnmower and they’re out now and looking lovely. Admittedly the grass around them looks a bit windswept and untidy but I’m happy to put up with that.

We do no-mow-May in our Quaker Meeting House garden too and there are moonpennies there which we leave flowering into June.

Back to our garden- the poppies are having a good year, along with the foxgloves.

And the hardy geraniums are beyond exuberant. One patch has completely taken over a path and they look so lovely I’m letting them get on with it. With the hot weather we have right now they'll be finished in a fortnight, and then I'll cut them back.


Anonymous said...

Almost every photo here recalls your artworks. That’s an exaggeration, okay, but some of them absolutely do. To my untutored eye, the paintings have such a quality that mere photos cannot capture. All that waffling aside, your garden is glorious!! And reading your accounts always lifts my spirits
Thank you, Sue
Ana x

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you for being such a loyal and encouraging reader, Ana.