Thursday, July 06, 2023

A post in two parts

First part

I was all revved up at the start of the week to write a post about our comings and goings and then I read the news about the obscene attack by the Israelis on the Jenin refugee camp. 

I’ve been very aware of the growing number of attacks by settlers on Palestinian communities over the last few weeks, all unhindered by police, but this was so much worse.  And the world stood by and said nothing.

How can it be that the racist Israeli government can behave in this obscene way and no-one says a dickie bird? Israel is most definitely an apartheid state: Amnesty and the UN agree. Strangely neither the Tories nor the current Labour leadership (such as it is) think so, despite so many facts staring them in the face.

Israel's foul regime is a problem I can do nothing whatsoever about, apart from boycotting them, but still I felt too sick to write a happy post about our life at Hepworth Towers. 

Today I think I can.

Second part

So...what's been happening?

1/ I have realised that my gooseberry bush needs chopping back severely because although one entire drawer of the freezer is stuffed full of this year's gooseberries, I still have this many to get rid of:

Dave hates them and there are only so many gooseberry crumbles a girl can eat alone. Or jam, come to that, as he doesn't eat jam either.

2/ My sweet peas are a cracking success this summer:

and now I've dealt with the gooseberry crop, the blackcurrants want picking and jamming.

3/ Meanwhile I have finished this painting

and have two others on the go, and an electric bike that I am in love with. Yes, after trying one out for a week in Colorado, I succumbed. 

I needn't have worried about losing my fitness because it's made me fitter. I might have extra help on all these annoying hills in the Peak District but I am cycling so much further than I can on my ordinary bike. I am seeing lovely quiet country lanes that I have never cycled down before. I am so excited I lie in bed at night planning the route of my next ride. 

And next week I am going to the seaside with Liz. We're staying in Anglesey for four nights while Dave hangs out here, playing his guitar, cycling, doing DIY and not eating gooseberries.


Anonymous said...

Gooseberries! Not sure I’ve ever tasted one What am I missing ? Well done on trying an e bike Just this week I read a similarly euphoric piece on falling for one Loving the new painting and the news that you are off to the seaside. How perfect Hopefully there will be a photo or two for the blog
Ana x

Sue Hepworth said...

Hello Ana, yes, there’ll be pics of the seaside. Though rain is forecast for every day 🙁
Gooseberries are very sour and you need a lot of sugar to make them palatable, but I love the tart taste.

Sue Hepworth said...

The other thing about gooseberries, Ana, is that there are sharp thorns, half an inch long, along all the branches of the bush which makes picking the berries a very unpleasant experience.