Thursday, July 13, 2023

Each to her own

No scarey cliff walks yesterday but a walk near Cemlyn Bay that delighted us both and tired us out.

Liz is a keen and excitable birdwatcher.

“Is that an egret or a white heron?” 

I like birds up close, and birds I know personally like my blackbird at home, and the tits that nest in our dovecote, and I have a soft spot for the call of curlews, but I’d rather look at flowers, 

potential paintings


and pretty flattened pebbles in the car park, than at birds through binoculars.


marmee said...

And as for me ? Nothing to chose between the two of you! But pics wise ? Oooo love those pebbles and lichen covered rocks!

Anonymous said...

What a privilege to feature so largely in Sue’s blog! It’s a joy to be on holiday with Sue, sharing her love of the pebbles, flowers, lichens, trees here on the beautiful coast of Anglesey.
The bird was an egret, well, five of them - cause for great excitement!
Thanks for a special few days Sue
Liz xx

Sue Hepworth said...

It’s been wonderful. xx