Thursday, August 03, 2023

Rain rain rain

It was a huge blessing that on our last Refugee Hospitality Day it didn’t rain for more than half an hour, and that was inside when we were engaged with the ice-breaker.

I need to tell overseas readers that it has chucked it down here since the start of July: and this is the second rainiest summer I can remember. 

The one that is seared in my memory is the summer of 37 years ago. I was taking the three children 2, 13 and 15 on holiday without Dave to stay with friends in their large family holiday house on the Suffolk coast, and the car broke down on the outward journey in Norwich, and we came home with the AA in a giant truck, arriving in the middle of the night, and I remember Dave saying “Don’t worry, we’ll do lots of lovely trips from home to make up for it” and it rained and it rained and it rained and there were no trips and Dave spent all his school summer holidays digging a trench around the garage to stop the damp from seeping in. Hey ho.

On these ‘summer days’ of 2023, Dave and I consult the forecast ten times a day to find out if and when a bike ride is possible. I’ve recently discovered a new place to get forecasts which is the most helpful I’ve come across. it’s the Norwegian weather forecast. Yes they cover Britain. It doesn’t just tell you precisely when it’s going to rain, but how much it’s going to rain…how many millimetres. Just Google

The result of all this rain is a garden that looks like a colourful jungle. And that’s what inspired my latest painting. It’s big, and has been huge fun to paint, and I’m still working on it. I’m enjoying it so much I’m going to go wild and paint another afterwards, this time of my nasturtiums.

Now I must get up and dressed, because it’s oddly sunny this morning and my bike is calling. Dave and I had scheduled a domestic finances meeting this morning, but we’ve both agreed that now it’s sunny, bike rides are more important.

I’ll leave with two photos of the smoke bush down the lane, covered in raindrops.
Isn’t it beautiful?


Anonymous said...

Rain that has ‘chucked down’. Wonderfully distinctive expression !! Her
De in Australia we refer sometimes to balls being chucked but most colourfully to checking when one to a tally inebriated or just has a bad case of gastro. So often used for accounts of over indulgence though
Another vibrant artwork Tjanks so much for sharing Sue. I do hope there will be many more opportunities for you both to cycle in August

marmee said...

You know what? I also check yr to see what my weather will be doing! We have also had a wonderfully wet winter, that is always for me a happy thing but this one was cold cold as well and that has become a bit wearying. Of course that is just cold by our standards ! And what an exuberant painting that is !

Lina said...

Sue Thank you for sharing I've just told my OH about it and he's very pleased at the thought of another place he look at weather forecasts (and I've managed to find our village).
And thank you for sharing your beautiful paintings - you obviously have a great gift for art.

Anonymous said...

Love your colourful cheerful painting!
I'm going to check-out the Norwegian weather forecast, thank you for the tip.
Replying to an earlier post, I really like all the novels by Elizabeth Strout. But I think we've discussed that previously. I also like Ashbourne author Joanna Cannon.
Ps I am loving my electric bike. So much fun whizzing up hills! 😁

Sue Hepworth said...

Such a lot of interesting comments!
Thank you for the comments on the painting. I have loved doing it but am still wrestling with it as I am not sure the agapanthus in the middle were a good idea. Dave thinks the more I tinker pthe worse it gets. I plan to leave it for a week if I can hold off and then think about it again.
Chucked it down is one of the politer ways in the U.K. of describing heavy rain, Ana.
I’m sorry you’ve had a cold winter, Marmee.
Sally, I am in love with my electric bike. I get to lovely quiet lanes on high ground I could never manage before, with just my gears.
And yes, I like most of what Elizabeth Strout has written, though I didn’t like the first Cannon novel and I haven’t tried any more.

barbara conn said...

What make of electric bike have you got Sue? I am thinking of getting one. I love this painting, especially the agapanthus!

Sue Hepworth said...

Oooh, still pondering the agapanthus….
But I’m glad you love the painting!

I will DM you about my bike on Instagram.