Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Sunshine days

Isn’t it wonderful knowing that there is going to be a whole week of hot sunny weather? 

I am loving it.

Yesterday Dave and I went on an open top double decker bus sightseeing tour, which we hopped onto at Hassop Station. The trip is an hour long and cost us £4 each with our ancient bods’ bus passes. The ticket allows you to hop on and off all day or just stay on for multiple rides.

Our current route to Hassop Station is along the lane and across a field of maize. This is a bona fide public footpath which has become more and more exciting for Dave as the weeks have gone by. We knew it when the corn was up to our ankles.

Dave loves it even when it’s been chucking it down and the path is claggy mud. 🙄

It was very hard to get any decent pictures from the bus as we were rattling along and I didn’t want to drop my phone over the edge. This is what I could manage.

On the bridge in Bakewell

The other big excitement yesterday was discovering that Neighbours is returning this month and will be on the Amazon freeview channel. Plus! There are some archived episodes already on there. Unfortunately, there are far too many weddings on there, and not enough excitement. My favourite so far is Izzy jilting Karl at the altar.

And while I’m talking about telly, I heartily recommend the new stylish drama series Transatlantic on Netflix, which is based on a true story. It’s so good in so many ways, and not least because it shows people caring about refugees and taking risks to help them. Check it out.

Finally, I recommend something on BBC Sounds which you can listen to on catch up if you missed it. Dave and I were in stitches listening on Saturday and I have already listened again and laughd all over again. It’s a wildly zany satirical programme called The Naked News. I particularly enjoyed their send-up of Cruella Braverman. Well I would, wouldn’t I?

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