Sunday, October 22, 2023


Here is my week in a series of moments…

Watching the sky as Isaac and the girls are driving me home to their house from Denver airport 

The view from the front porch the next morning

My first bike ride

Reading the dreadful headlines and feeling sick and knowing that the only thing I can do besides writing fruitless letters to our Tory MP is to give money to appeals for Gaza. I don’t believe that praying for peace has any effect. 

Watching Lux and Cece at their gym class with Isaac while we also try to solve the NYT crossword. American crosswords are SO different from British ones, but just as much fun.

Having a coffee and a scone at my favourite cafe with the girls and Isaac:

Playing table tennis with Wendy on their new table and shooting the breeze.  
Was our table at Hepworth Towers ever this glossy?

Going for a walk up Bald Mountain in the foothills of the Rockies at teatime with Isaac and Lux:

Photo by Isaac

Photo by Isaac

photo by Isaac

Getting an email from the Palestine Solidarity Committee on Sunday morning that says there were 300,000 on a March in London on Saturday calling for an end to the bombing of the people of Gaza. 

Then reading a headline in the Guardian saying that the police estimate of the numbers was 100,000, and thinking yes, of all the demos I have been on in the past, it was ever thus.

Having waffles and maple syrup and bacon for breakfast. I love American breakfasts but what I love more is breakfasting with the family.

Sitting listening to Isaac play the piano and sing a song I remember drifting out of his bedroom 35 years ago. So moving for this soppy mother.

Playing table tennis with Isaac.

Visiting the farm where the family buy their pumpkins and their Christmas trees. Yesterday of course it was for pumpkins. We chose one each. The family rule is that you have to be capable of carrying the one you pick.

Notice the snow covered Rockies in the distance:

Sitting in the sunshine making art with Lux’s fabulous collection of coloured pencils and realising the abstract I’m working on is all about Gaza, and I need to pile on the ugliness.

Throughout the last week I’ve been returning in my mind to the poem by Jack Gilbert that I have shared with you before. It is a comfort.

A Brief for the Defence

by Jack Gilbert


Anonymous said...

Love hearing the news from Denver! And the photos are brilliant. Halloween and pumpkins It’s such a thing The Brooklyn gang have annual photos with Pumpkins!! Soak up all the love, Sue It’s the best medicine
Ana xx

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, Ana, love is the best medicine. xx