Monday, October 16, 2023

Today's letter to our MP


This morning Dave and I wrote separate letters to our MP. Dave's is more powerful so I'm going to share his with you.

Your government is not unused to trying to break domestic and international law. There have been a string of illegalities from prorogation onwards during this parliament.

Mr Sunak (appointed, not elected) commits the UK to unequivocal support for Israel’s extreme right-wing government, led by a man who also considers himself above the law. In doing so, he is making the UK complicit in war crimes, and the inhumanity that so disfigures governance.

Mr Sunak – and his ministers – repeat the mantra that Israel has every right to defend itself. I agree completely. But what we are seeing in Gaza cannot be described as self-defence. There is no imminent threat. Israel’s ‘war’ is against Hamas, but it is acting against the population of Gaza as a proxy. Half a million people have been displaced and made homeless by Israel’s insistence that they leave northern Gaza. As usual (over the last 15 years over 90% of the Arab/ Israeli casualties in the ME have been Palestinian) there have been far more Palestinian than Israeli casualties.

I ask you simply this. How many more deaths and casualties is the government happy to allow Israel’s government to create? How many war crimes are we content to be complicit in as a nation? How many innocent Palestinians have to die, how many families must be deracinated, how many communities have to be destroyed before the Israeli government is satisfied with its retaliation? How many children is Mr Sunak happy to see broken in the name of self-defence? Is the extirpation of the entire Gazan population something we can turn an insouciant Nelsonian eye towards?

What we are seeing now is not self-defence, but blood-lust verging on genocide garnished with lies. And Mr Sunak supports it all, as does your government.

Mr Sunak does not speak for the nation is supporting this inhumanity, this cruelty, this abject failure of justice. In doing so he shames us all.

Dave Hepworth

Photo taken from the Financial Times this morning

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