Tuesday, January 23, 2024


I expect you would prefer to arrive at my blog and find a cheery post about everyday life at Hepworth Towers and the harmless humorous skirmishes between the odd couple who live there. I much prefer writing such posts.

Today I can’t. All I can think about are the children, women and men in Gaza. 

The Israeli army continues to kill innocent civilians, to destroy their homes and to target hospitals. Yesterday I read in the news that they even arrested medics in one hospital and another hospital is under siege. Because of shortages of medical supplies, children are having limbs amputated without anaesthetics.

The majority of people in Gaza are starving, thousands upon thousands are wounded, and 1.9 million (the majority of the population) are displaced. Meanwhile western countries stand by and watch. 

In four days it will be International Holocaust Memorial Day. In years to come will there be a similar day for the obscenity that is happening in Gaza? No, because the western world does not care about Palestinians. If they did, they wouldn’t have supported Israel for years and years while they broke international law and created an apartheid state.

Please stand up for Palestine.

Please follow this link and donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians.



marmee said...

Not a bad idea to read what Masha Gessen said when she received ( eventually) the Hannah Arendt prize. She speaks about how we are in a space where we are supposed to figure out how to live WITHOUT repeating the holocaust. Been such a fear of mine when I first realised how palestinians are seen as somehow unworthy, when I saw how the Rwandan genocide just passed most of the world by.

Sue Hepworth said...

thank you for your contribution, Marmee.
Sending love and camaraderie to you in South Africa.