Thursday, May 02, 2024

At last!

 It’s here! It’s come! It’s finally arrived!

The leaves on the lime trees across the road are out  - at last - and our copper beeches are following suit.

It’s warm enough for my sweet peas to be moved from the bedroom windowsill to the cold frame. I have a clear view again. Hooray!

Yesterday it was warm enough for me to eat my tea outside, and the day before I had to take off my jumper on a bike ride. 

Even our bluebells are out.

I don’t even care that something in the shed has eaten all my cosmos and marigold seedlings. I shall sow good old dependable nasturtiums in the front garden and to hell with my colour scheme.

It was the longest winter of my life and at last, at last, it’s over. Thank God.

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