Monday, June 17, 2024


have had worries this last week which I can’t share, but painting in blues, greens and yellows has cheered me up. And painting has grounded me. 

Have you noticed how tall the buttercups are this year? They’re crazily tall on account of all the rain. I’ve never known them like this. And they’re so beautiful.

My painting is called ‘The year the buttercups grew tall.’

Acrylic on board 45.5 x 61 cms

The other cheering activities were seeing the family, having breakfast with Liz at Hassop Station, going to Quaker Meeting, and going out on my electric bike. I can get to places with wonderful views because I can climb hills that I find impossible on my ordinary bike.

See how tall the buttercups are-

I felt so light hearted after this last ride. I passed a man I didn’t know who was wearing a sweatshirt with huge lettering saying BOSS on it, and I shouted “Hello boss!”  Yep, that’s how embarrassing I am these days. 

I hope you’re impressed that I have maintained radio silence about the election on the blog. I certainly wouldn’t be silent if a candidate or canvasser came to my door. Sadly we only get leaflets on our lane.

I will not remain silent about the suffering in Gaza. 

Please don’t forget about it, just because the election and football are swamping the airwaves.

You can donate to the UNICEF Gaza appeal here.

You can donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians here.

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