Sunday, June 09, 2024


I had planned to rant about the dehumanisation of the shopping experience this morning, but I made the mistake of going on Twitter and reading about, and seeing, the carnage in Gaza which happened in the mission to rescue the four hostages. At least 274 Palestinians were killed, almost 700 were wounded. 

How can it be that in this beautiful world a country can act in such an inhuman way and the world can continue to support them? Why are not our leaders speaking out against this? Why are they still sending arms?

It is clear they think that Palestinians do not matter.

I am heartsick. It makes me not want to live in this world.

And there are millions of shocked and caring people all over the world who like me are appalled and heartbroken and who are powerless to help these beaten, bombed, starving, wounded, desperate human beings - people who are just like us. 


marmee said...

Think I saw on twitter someone saying how can you be human and not care about what is happening in struck me so. Maybe the crux of the matter , that Gaza victims are not recognised as human , as us. Reverend Munther Isaac from the West bank asked at christmas why did it not matter to christians in the west. Thanks Sue for shining the light

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes I think that is the crux of the matter. But WHY is it like that? WHY?

It reminds me of the way people used to think about slaves in the 1700s.