Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Bonsall Art Trail

Do you remember when I was going to the London Screenwriters Festival hoping to find a producer for my screenplay of BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU?

Do you remember how nervous I was? 

Do you remember how I wished for some kind of accident that would give me a face-saving excuse for not going?

Well, that’s how I feel about the Bonsall Art Trail next weekend, because I'm nervous!

I so hope that if you’re a local you'll come and visit me. It would be so fun to meet a blog reader I don’t know. I’ll be showing my paintings in the church.

Someone who is coming to see me is my youngest granddaughter MsX. She’ll be coming with her parents, and I can’t wait. I was due to go and play with her this last Friday but she had something contagious which I really did not want to catch. I called in to deliver something and stood on the doorstep and chatted to her and her mum, the lovely Jaine.

I drove away feeling sad: it reminded me of all those times I had stood on a doorstep and spoken to family during Covid, and yearned for a family hug. I was lucky - I had Dave. But I’ll never forget that bleak feeling when I went for a 6 feet distanced walk with my daughter and there was no goodbye hug at the end.

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