Thursday, December 21, 2006

Party Game

This morning I woke at 4.30 a.m. from a dream in which I was in a line to shake hands with Tony Blair. No way do I want to shake hands with this man.

But the reason I woke from my dream was because I was thinking so hard about what I was going to say to him. How to say what I wanted to say before he realised I was hostile and moved down the line.

A student last year floored him by saying "I refuse to shake the hand of a murderer."

The best I could come up with was - it would have to be oh-so-brief - "You ignored the wishes of the British public and you spent our taxes on wreaking havoc in Iraq and I hope you are ashamed," but he would have already gone by the time I got to "you spent our taxes."

So later I asked a friend what he would have said to T Blair if he only had one sentence. His answer was too rude to be posted here.

I asked another friend, one who sends outraged letters to Downing Street twice a week, every week. After much thought, because he has SO much to say to TB, the answer came: "Why haven't you answered any of my letters?"

So what would you say to TB if you only had one short sentence? Abuse is easy. Abuse won't do. This has to be something to which the man will listen and which will follow him down the years.

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