Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A beginner's guide to plotting

All the time that Jane and I were writing Plotting for Beginners, we struggled to think of a title. The working title we used on all our early computer files was Daisy wants a Column. When we were ready to send the manuscript out to literary agents and publishers we racked our brains and came up with Red Clover, Rural Chic and Fairy Lights. Only right at the end did we decide on Plotting for Beginners - which had appeared inside an earlier draft of our text, but then it was the title of one of Bodmyn Corner's creative writing books.

I would love to hear from readers what they think of our final title.

For those who don't care about titles but want to hear more from Sally, they can read her current blog, which she's writing to try to attract the attentions of a publisher for her novel, Fast Work. (Eat your heart out Belle de Jour, as Sally would say.) Find her blog by clicking on the link to Plotting for Beginners Blog at the side of this page.

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