Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dave 'n Sue

When we launched Plotting for Beginners last May, Rony Robinson of BBC Radio Sheffield interviewed Jane and me about how we came to write the book together. In the pre-interview warm-up chat I asked Rony about the audience of his show. He told me that the target audience for local radio was a fifty-something couple called Dave and Sue.

Jane and I cracked up at this, because my husband is called Dave. We thought Rony was joking, but I have just discovered that the BBC told local radio presenters a couple of years ago that they should target this fictional couple - Dave and Sue. He is a self-employed plumber; she is a school secretary. Both have grown-up children from previous marriages. They shop at Asda, wear fleeces and T-shirts, and their cultural horizon stretches to an Abba tribute show. They are "deeply suspicious" of politicians, think the world is "a dangerous and depressing place," and are consequently always on the lookout for "something that will cheer them up and make them laugh."

The only thing Dave and I have in common with the pair is our names, and our suspicion of politicians (is the latter surprising?) Sometimes we wear T shirts. Sometimes we wear fleeces. But neither comes from Asda.

Gus, in Plotting for Beginners, has been known to wear them both at the same time. Check out his current obsessions in the Plotting for Beginners Blog...

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