Monday, April 21, 2008

My new room

I can show you my working space because it's just been cleared and decorated. Three weeks ago, it looked like a paper recycling centre, with too many pictures and photograhs on the wall to see what colour the paint was. I know for sure it will look like that again in the future so I am posting this now before that happens.

A dear friend gave us the desk, and Dave, my husband, made me a larger top for it. He also made the stained glass piece on the windowsill. The photo on the desk is of him putting in the floor of our extension.

Jane (Linfoot) gave me the cherub on the windowsill: for some weird reason, we both love cherubs. Actually, it's not weird for me, as I'm a soppy date, but I always think it's strange for Jane to like cherubs, because she's a stylish architect with leanings to minimalism, and not in the least bit soppy.

My father gave me the silver spoon on the windowsill. His grandfather gave it to him and engraved it with both their initials. I had it engraved with my father's and mine - FJW to SJH.

There are lots of things behind me and to the side, that I might show you another time. And this week I shall be putting photographs of my family back on the wall.


Anonymous said...

hello, I've tagged you for a meme. Rules are on the snowblog! x

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

I love peeking into writer's workspaces! :) Looks like a writer's dream room to me.
This is a really nice blog. I'm enjoying reading through your posts.

Sue Hepworth said...

It is a dream room. I'm very lucky. But it doesn't look like this picture any more. It's already starting to silt up with detritus.

Anu said...

This is so pristine! My workspace has similar attributes, except your cherub is my monster, but I do have a stained glass piece in the window.Pristine NOT!

Check it out here:

I'm a fan, just finished Plotting for Beginners & enjoyed heaps, very droll!

So I'll be watching you, as the song goes.