Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Plain vs fancy

"Hey," Dave shouted from his computer, in the room across the landing, "have you seen these sticky notes you can put on your Google homepage? It's like a post-it to write reminders to yourself."

I went in to see. His homepage looks a jumbled mess to me - he has weather, quotes for the day, time and date in a huge block, and now he was cluttering it up even further with a virtual tacky post-it. I like my homepage plain and restful.

"Hmm," I said, unconvinced. "What have you got on there, then?"

"Stack the firewood, mend the fence panel, measure up for the bathroom extension...that kind of thing. You could have... ring the boiler man about a service, check the oil price, do the accounts."

"I see - another chance to nag, is it?"

"What I need," he said, "is the facility to write sticky note reminders on your homepage."

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