Monday, August 18, 2008

Silent mission

Yesterday, it was my turn at Quaker Meeting to take the childrens' Meeting. On the third Sunday of the month we have a shared lunch, and after a story and discussion, the children always cook something for that. I stashed my ingredients in my basket and before setting off, popped in the garden to pick some pot marigolds for the central table in Meeting. I also cut some parsley for the dish we were going to cook.

I arrived at the Meeting House late and rushed to the kitchen to put the marigolds in a jug of water, carried them through to the Meeting room where some Friends were already sitting in silent worship, placed them on the table, and left the room.

It was fun cooking with the children. We chopped onions, grated cheese, crumbled breadcrumbs, and boiled lentils, but then we needed the parsley. Where was it? Sudden realisation! With the marigolds.

I asked the children which of them would like to be a secret agent. All their hands shot up. I dipped, and picked one, and then explained the mission: creep into the silent, solemn Meeting and retrieve the parsley.

I worry about taking the children when it's my turn, because I am not a teacher, but we usually manage to have some fun.


Anonymous said...

Your garden looks so lovely and lush. We've had hardly any rain this summer, so mine's a bit. . . crispier.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Anna. Yes - lushness is the upside of days and days of rain.