Monday, September 01, 2008

The woman who knew everything

I was showing a friend my newspaper cuttings from this summer - when I have been doing PR for the publication of Zuzu's Petals - including a crazy appearance in a glossy magazine where I was talking about quilting. (An author will do anything as long as the editor lets her mention her new book - yeah! - Zuzu's Petals!)

My friend said "Quilting? What next? You have a cat - they'll be asking your opinion on catfood!"

Two hours later I got a phone call from a researcher at BBC Radio Sheffield. I'd been a recent guest on the programme, talking about ZP, and now they were having a phone-in. They'd seen on their file that I used to be a psychologist, and wanted me on air in twenty minutes. Would I do it?

"What's the phone-in about?" I asked.

"Prayer," he said.

I spent the next twenty minutes dashing down notes on the psychological aspects of prayer.

Then the phone rang. "Now we have Sue Hepworth on the line. Sue is a writer - and a Quaker."

Forget the psychology - he wanted to know about my prayers as a Quaker. I think I managed to sound coherent.

This week prayer, next week catfood.

(The photo above is of our cat, Chione.)

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