Sunday, August 31, 2008


I was just about to click on the buy now button, to acquire a webcam (the sole purpose of which was PR for my books) when I thought I'd check out what other authors are doing on YouTube.

There are repeats of TV book programmes and interviews, but there aren't many authors doing interesting things on their own. I watched a couple of talking heads reading their books and found it very boring. The ratings reflected my view. It seems that readers aren't much interested in watching writers read their books - not even famous ones. Even my hero Garrison Keillor didn't have many people (in internet terms) watching his stuff. So I've delayed the webcam purchase.

But YouTube has something that blogs don't have - the star rating. As so may of you are silent lurkers, who don't like to comment, how about if I had a facility for you to give each blog post a star rating ? Then I could see what kinds of posts you like to read, and which you find dull?

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