Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Making good progress

I could barely speak from tiredness when I got home from the weekend's sorting at my mother's house. How do people do all this alone? How do they manage if they don't get on with their siblings? I know how lucky I am to have brothers and sisters who want to take their part, and who think agreeing is the most important thing.

I've just been lying in bed talking to my mother.

Her: "You're doing so well."

Me: "Yes, I think we are."

Her: "But do you have to write about it on your blog?"

Me: "But mother, people wa-"

Her: "I suppose it's all copy, isn't it?"

Me: "I knew you'd understand."

Her: "And I'm so pleased you found the envelope of money I hid under the drawer liner. Do you know, I'd forgotten all about it."

My favourite thing I brought home is the donkey puzzle. Although I'm sad two pieces are missing. How could that happen when the pieces are so big? It must be those dodgy cousins...it couldn't be one of us. We were always such good children.

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