Friday, November 28, 2008

A new day

Grieving is different, this time around. Some days I wake up gloomy and continue like that till teatime, with occasional half hour interludes of laughter. Some days I wake up happy. Some days I think I'm fine and then fall into the depths again.

Right now I'm sitting in bed with my brand new laptop and feeling great. Our wonderful IT man delivered it yesterday. He was amused that I gave a delighted yelp when I saw it, not because of its blah blah processor or its billions of GB of Ram but because it is SILVER.

He then spent the afternoon setting it up and drinking tea and eating parkin. I was pleased he liked parkin, because Dave has made another batch, and neither he nor I can afford to keep eating it. Thinking about my mother such a lot has made us remember Dave's Mum and the sure fire way to bring her back into the house is to bake some parkin. Maybe we should offer signed copies of Zuzu's Petals with a free piece of parkin in a packet.

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