Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Armed with nothing but love and hope

This is not a political blog - it's a writer's blog. I never intended to campaign on my blog. I did post something last March about the suffering of the people of Gaza under the siege, and I asked for donations to Medical Aid for Palestinians. Since then the posts have been about my life and my writing.

Then the Israelis started bombing Gaza and it's been about Gaza ever since. One day I will return to my old style of blog. Until then, here is a story about a doctor in Gaza whose daughters were killed when his house was bombed.

And here is a story about the scale of the destruction in Gaza. Who is going to pay to rebuild the Gaza strip?

For some odd reason, a lot of new readers are arriving at my blog on my March 2008 post, that I mentioned above, which means that the majority of peoples' comments are there. Click here to read the post and the comments.

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