Monday, January 19, 2009

Israeli academics call for sanctions against Israel

I needed an image for this post and so I googled "destruction in Gaza" and the one that came up was uploaded to the net in November 2006 - more than two years ago. The bombardment of Gaza has been going on for years. It is past the time when the world should insist on the Israeli state treating the Palestinian people humanely and justly, to let them have back their land, to give up their illegal settlements.

The crossings into Gaza must be opened for aid to pour in, as people are without water, without food, without fuel and without medical supplies. Because of the relentless bombing, thousands upon thousands are homeless, and the public institutions of Gaza have been reduced to rubble.

On January 17th, a group of Israeli citizens, led by 5 Israeli academics, were brave enough to have a letter printed in the British newspaper - the Guardian - which said this...

"The leaders of the western world are wringing their hands in despair at the sight of the horrors inflicted on Gaza. The UN general secretary, the French president and others are holding intensive discussions with some of the leaders of the Middle East in an attempt to put an end to the carnage in Gaza. Word, words, words.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinian civilians get killed, thousands are bleeding to death, tens of thousands are uprooted and wandering in vain in search of some shelter to protect them. The Israeli army bombs hospitals and Unrwa relief centres, and, defying international convention, it uses white phosphorus bombs against civilians. "What else can we do?" these leaders keep asking. Well, here is what you can do: move from words to deeds. Only immediate, decisive and strict sanctions against the state of Israel and its limitless aggression will make it realise that there's a limit.

We, as Israeli citizens, raise our voices to call on EU leaders: use sanctions against Israel's brutal policies and join the active protests of Bolivia and Venezuela. We appeal to the citizens of Europe: please attend to the Palestinian Human Rights Organisation's call, supported by more than 540 Israeli citizens ( boycott Israeli goods and Israeli institutions; follow resolutions such as those made by the cities of Athens, Birmingham and Cambridge (US). This is the only road left. Help us all, please!


Anonymous said...

As shocking as these pictures may be, don't you think that things would be much better if the Palestinian authority and the Israeli government worked together to control the population dynamics of Palestinians. Women there have 10 children each! and research tells us that large number of children (the "youth bulge") is the destabilizing factor, leading to terrorism and wars. Also, it is not fair for the palestinian population to grow at this rate while the more "civilized" Israeli population has on average 2 or 3 children per mother. That is the real problem that needs to be addressed. China did it (one child per couple) and look at their success and stability today. All of the arab countries with terrorism and war have a "youth bulge", just look at the population pyramids for Pakistan and the other unstable countries.

Sue Hepworth said...

Population control is not relevant to the war against the Palestinian people perpetrated by the Israeli government. The "civilised" Israel government has committed war crimes in this recent three week war. The "civilised" Israeli government encourages illegal settlements on Palestinian land. The "civilised" Israeli government has kept Gaza under siege so that the people of Gaza have been short of food, fuel, water, medicines, and more than 90% have been dependent on aid because the "civilised" Israeli government has strangled the Gaza ecomonomy with the siege. Now the "civilised" Israeli army has destroyed all the public instiututions in Gaza, as well as making thousands of Palestinains homeless, and killing and maiming too many others. If these are the acts of a civilised country then your idea of civilised behavour is vastly different from mine.

Anonymous said...

yeah u r right sue , i dont know what's the relation between population of people in gaza and the war and israeli crimes !!
if you mean it makes more victims i donot think so we should ban israel from this war first and its their freedom to have any number of childs
thnx for allowing me to reply