Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Now I understand why people have more than one blog. This is a writer's blog and for the past month I've been blogging about Gaza, because the suffering of the people there has been consuming me and I've HAD to blog about Gaza. Then when the ceasefire came I thought I could return to my normal blogging habits, but here I am, fuming at the BBC for blocking aid to Gaza by refusing to air an appeal by 13 well-established, impartial aid organisations who want to get aid to Gaza.

The BBC say they risk their impartiality as an impartial news organisation if they air an appeal to help the people of Gaza. If the appeal does not mention who led to the suffering, then how can it be partial? This is a humanitarian crisis. We need to get aid to Gaza. If you are British, please write or phone or email the BBC to complain about their refusal to air the appeal. And please don't forget to make a donation to the charity of your choice that is working in Gaza.

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