Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How do I know my donation to the Gaza appeal will get there?

If Gaza is under siege, how do you know your donation to emergency appeals for the people of Gaza will get there?

I do know that Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) was already working in Gaza before the bombing and so they are in a good position to help. If you would like to send a donation to relieve the suffering of people in Gaza, then click here to get more information, and have a chance to donate online.

I can't tell you how sick at heart I am, not just about the horrific cruel bombardment of Gaza, but also at the world's lack of action to stop it. I could write so much about this, but I am desperately trying to stay positive and think how best I can help the suffering Palestinian people. As I posted on New Year's Day - it is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.


Jonathan said...


I had a long conversation with a gentleman from 'Justgiving' last night. He is surprised that they have received so few calls from people as regards donations to assist charities with this situation. Apparently the Banks in Gazza have run out of Cash and are unable to get cash.

He will be phoning me later today to let me know which might be the best charity to assist with donations.


Sue Hepworth said...

I have just phoned Medical Aid for Palestinians, who said they responded immediately by co-ordinating their existing work with the immediate needs of hospitals in Gaza. Within hours they released $100,000 for immediate surgical needs. Now they are co-ordinating blood donation, as well as responding to the situation as it changes hour by hour. You can donate online by following the link in my post. Or you can send a cheque to MAP, FREEPOST ND6445, LONDON, N1 1BR.

Sadly, I think people are not asking how to give aid, because they don't understand the truth of the situation.

Anonymous said...

peace ,
i think u can donate at this website ' " there're alot of ways , just choose the way want of donating and its trustworthy and thnx

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, Mahmous, there ARE lots of different charities to whom you can donate. I agree.

Ralph Dratman said...

I'm in the process of signing up at the International Rescue Committee (IRC)

It certainly sounds like a sturdy organization, but does anyone here know anything bearing on whether that organization would be a good choice for making a donation specifically to Gaza?

Thank you.


Sue Hepworth said...

Sorry, Ralph, I don't know. However, there are many other organisations to which you can send donations specifically for Gaza - Save the Children, Oxfam, Red Cross, Islamic Relief Worldwide, MAP (mentioned in my post) and of course the UK umbrella organisation - Disasters Emergency Committee - see the appeals after the news on Channel 4 and ITV and Channel 5 tonight.(26/01/09)