Friday, January 23, 2009

Shame on the BBC, shame on the Israeli army

I have been waiting for the Disasters Emergency Committee to broadcast an appeal for humanitarian aid to Gaza. Now I am no longer waiting expectantly, I am incredulous. For reasons which make no sense, the BBC has refused to show an appeal, which means the other broadcasters have followed suit. WHY? Click here to read more, if you can do so without your blood boiling.

And why do the other broadcasters have to follow suit? I know it's the convention, but so what? Who cares for convention when people are as desperate for aid as the people in Gaza? If you want to donate via the Disasters Emergency Committee, click here.

Last night, Channel 4 News reported on the vile explosives that the Isaraeli army dropped in Gaza - white phosphorus, flachette bombs and DIME bombs. These are not illegal weapons, but it is illegal to use them in civilian areas. The Israeli army used them in civilian areas. Click here to see a video of the report.


mahmoudoka said...
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Anonymous said...

I know this seems a bit long ago mentioning, but BBC has indeed incorporated an Israel propoganda on its news cast. The fact that it has refused to appeal Gaza charity in its network, overrules that it has not given fair approaches to both sides of the story. Not only have they not given a fair side to the Palestinians but have not shown the real THRUTH on why Israel is blowing up people in GAZA. According to the BBC news in its headline "Israel Hits Hamas targets in Gaza", BBC news states "no reports of casualties" on what so ever on the Palestines. I can keep going on other evidence, but I will just get into my point which is BBC NEWS IS APPROVING ISRAEL'S BOMBING ATTACKS ON GAZA AND THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THE INNOCENT PALESTINIAS WHO ARE DYING. BBC News is a heartless news broadcast who should be boycott for letting everyone think ISRAEL has the right on killing hundreds of innocent people. And I deliberatly quote on you when you state "Shame on BBC, Shame on the Israel Army".