Monday, March 30, 2009


A friend said in a recent email that she has missed my blog, which was a sweet thing to say, as it's nice to feel appreciated. I miss my blog too, but there are times when one doesn't feel like sharing one's life with the world, and the last couple of months have been such a time. Losing my mother (see the November 2008 archives and some of December) has turned out to be so much harder than losing my father. I used my experience of the latter in Zuzu's Petals. I was sad for a long time when my father died, but adjusting to the loss of my mother has been qualitatively different.

Someone at my Quaker meeting said to me "It's very deep when your mother dies, isn't it? The world feels like an unsafe place." Absolutely. Dave has been extending our teeny tiny bathroom into my old study. He knocked down the wall between them in February and when I reviewed my photographs of the process and saw the one above, I thought - Hmm...a picture of my life.

No, my life wasn't in ruins. But losing my mother has been like surviving an earthquake.

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