Friday, August 07, 2009

The bathroom floor: a work in progress

aug 09 001

Laying a mosaic bathroom floor is like making a patchwork quilt is like writing a novel. The idea is exciting, and you get carried away by the vision you have in your head. Oh, it will be fabulous!

Then you begin the actual work, and you wonder why you started. Whose idea was it anyway? Each part of the process – whether it is cutting tiles or cutting out patches or working out the plot, mixing adhesive or pinning patches or working out the plot (OK, the comparison has broken down – plotting is the only bit of writing that isn’t plain sailing), whether it involves sore knees or pricked fingers or…it’s hard work, and it goes on forever. This is the very last time I make a mosaic or a quilt or write a novel!

In every case, creativity is not enough. You also need to be dogged. Happily, everyone who lives in this house is dogged (apart from the cat) and the mosaic is taking shape. Soon it will be finished and grouted and beautiful, I think it’s looking great already. Rock on with the Roman knot, Dave!

aug 09 006

aug 09 011

aug 09 020

aug 09 029

aug 09 034


Unknown said...

It's more amazing than I imagined! How amazing to live with a man who can just make something like that. Do you think he'd teach a class on how to make anything out of anything?

Sue Hepworth said...

He says the clever bit is drawing the design. The rest is tedium.