Thursday, September 10, 2009

Colour addiction

Making a patchwork quilt is like having children.

patchwork 007

I forget the tedium and the drudgery, and pretend to myself that it’s nothing but fun and satisfaction.

sep 07 015

But I always give in to the yearning to make another quilt. And then, when the last thread is fastened off, I say,  “Remind me NEVER to make another quilt.”

oct 08 057

But then autumn comes and the days for sitting outside get fewer and fewer and I think “Ooh, it would be nice to do a sewing project,” and I get out my fabric collection, and the joy of working with colour and fabric takes me over.

strawberries 001

Thankfully, the weather is still lovely enough to dismiss this kind of foolishness. Long may it last.

Sept08 213

Sept08 230

Sept08 172

Sept08 236

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Unknown said...

Dearest Sue,
I am loving the newest quilt,. It stuns my eyes and makes my mouth smile.