Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grey days

march08 016

The best thing to do on a dismal, damp, January day like yesterday is to inject some colour into it, and that’s what we did. First I played my sax, and then, as Dave needed stained glass supplies (it’s not just Corinne in Zuzu’s Petals who makes stained glass) I went along with him to the warehouse. And I thought you might like to see a few pics of it, so I took my camera. 

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Jan 10 178

Jan 10 186

Then after dinner, I did half an hour on the exercise bike, and when I finished I staggered into the sitting room and flopped on the sofa and said to Dave – “It’s far too hot in my study to be on the bike in there,” and he said – “Maybe you’d feel better if you took off your saxophone neck strap first.”

Jan 10 189

Dave made the circular flower piece at the top  - it’s one of my favourites. (Observant readers will see a sax reed on the windowsill – those damn things get everywhere.)


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!

Unknown said...

yummy, wish I could play in that shop