Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still feeling sorry for myself

It is 7.37 a.m. and I am sitting in bed eating Cadbury's Dairy Milk, drinking tea, and hoping I will feel better by tomorrow, when my son arrives on a visit from San Francisco. Also hoping he has remembered to pack a warm coat.

Perhaps next week I will have a clear head and be able to say something interesting. In the meantime, this is an interesting article. It's interesting to me because I was one of the majority of the British public against the illegal war in Iraq, and also one of the million people who marched against it with my children in London in February 2003.

And here's a memory of that....

Halfway through the march, my elder son left me to go and take photographs of the procession, with the words (to me) "Take care. Have fun." Then, pointing to the other two, he said "Make sure you stay with them."

A woman walking alongside me overheard and laughed."That," she said, "must be your son."

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your visit with your son! :)

P.S. I enjoy Lindt's 85% dark chocolate