Saturday, February 13, 2010


Dec06 005

I went to see my big sister, Kath, the other day and she generously spent one of her birthday presents on taking me out for a delicious lunch. I had a really lovely day with her. I feel blessed to have two sisters and two brothers. I have someone who loves me no matter what, someone who knows how annoying I can be, who knows all about my little quirks, but is still on my side. Hooray for sibs!

I’m not going to show you a pic of my sister Jen because she wouldn’t like it, and I’ll have to check with Pete and Jonty about having their pics up here. But you can read about our childhood here. Kath has written about it on the website of the village where we grew up. My favourite piece is the second one down - “Multi-tasking in a fifties farmhouse.”


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

I read your sister's stories on the Winteringham website. It sounds like you had an idyllic childhood! In fact, I think you used that phrase yourself once.

Sue Hepworth said...

True, I did. I am very fortunate.