Sunday, February 07, 2010

My favourite city

san fran skies ise

This morning I  got an email from a friend in California, and when she said she had been to San Francisco for the evening to a restaurant on Valencia, my heart quivered. Then I checked Isaac’s blog  as I always do, and found this little beauty, called San Francisco skies, and I wanted to be in San Francisco – and not just so I could hang out with Isaac and Wendy in some rooftop cafe, drinking margaritas in the sunshine.


Nor just to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge…


I love San Francisco. If you have to be in a city (I don’t like cities) then choose SF. Forget New York with its crowds of tourists and its smells and noise, its traffic and its high rise buildings – arrghh where’s the sky? – and fly to SF where there are human sized houses, and they are pretty colours, and where you can see the sky and the ocean, and the natives are laid back and friendly, and the cab drivers give you money back if they think you have tipped them too much. (True! It happened to me!)

Balmy Street 7



Unknown said...

It's my favorite city too. Your post made me so wistful, I just had to get out in the sunshine. Everything is lovely and flowering right now. Where else can you get spring in February? Come soon!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to SF. My oldest son has and he loved it. The earthquakes are a bit worrisome, although living here in northern Pennsylvania I have the same probability, so I've been told. The pictures make me miss my old hometown of Fort Lauderdale where the bougainvillea's are probably in full bloom now. I have a bougainvillea growing in my upstairs window that is just now beginning to bloom, after 2 years of waiting.