Saturday, February 06, 2010

Hoarders anonymous

I have just used the last of the golden syrup, but how can I throw away the tin when it’s so attractive?

Feb 10 018

I already have three million of them as pencil pots on my desk. I don’t need any more.

And this box…

Feb 10 014

The shed is already full of boxes that I have no use for, but which are far too strong and sturdy and attractive to throw away. Do any of you have this problem?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have this problem also. Mine centers around pretty, nicely shaped, empty jam jars, and soy sauce and olive oil bottles. They have to be clear. I keep them on a sunny windowsill with plant cuttings in them in the process of rooting. Okay, that is useful, but then there are the tins, the ones that have the really tiny pieces of candy in them, that are decorated so beautifully. I put them into my undies drawer until I can figure out what to DO with them. Six months to a year later, after getting tired of seeing them every day, and not finding a good use for them, I pitch them into the garbage. However, if the word PARIS is on it anywhere I'll keep it. No matter what, it stays. I wonder if hoarding has something to do with our childhood?

Sue Hepworth said...

Probably, Ruth. But my big sister is an unscrupulous chucker out, so it must be personality too.