Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My hero

My answer to my last post – Foxed - was…

april 09 048

…ring up Dave. He was born with a screwdriver in one hand and a chisel in the other. He is practicality personified.

It should, in theory,have been possible for him to talk me through what I should do about the door knob, the fused circuit and the dodgy light fitting (neither of which I mentioned to you) but as T.S.Eliot would say – Between the idea and the reality falls the shadow. When Dave and I are talking about practical matters, all communication fails. I do not understand him and he does not understand me. (As Wendy from Plotting for Beginners would say -it’s because I have Mercury – the planet of communication - in Libra, and he has Mercury in Cancer, and they are in hard aspect.) Oh yes, we span the literary universe on this blog – from Eliot to Hepworth and Linfoot.

So Dave said…”Make sure the front door is locked and I will drive up on Tuesday and fix everything.”

My hero.

p.s. I can sew, knit, patchwork, cook, garden, write books, balance on a slackline and play the sax, and I have tried and tried to become accomplished in DIY, but to no avail. So don’t start telling me I am a pathetic loser. I have a fluffy brain and there is no doing anything about it.

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