Monday, March 29, 2010


mar07 031
So there you are. It is a Sunday teatime. You have waved goodbye to your sister, with whom you have just spent a great weekend in your mother’s house. You have packed your car to drive the 100 miles home. You go round the house one last time to check that everything is in order, because the  house is on the market and the estate agent has a viewing later in the week.
You pull the front door to, and the door handle breaks off in your hand. You are not a practical woman - you find wheelbarrows complicated – what do you do?


Jean said...

hope the front door has a chain to secure it from the inside and exit by the back door ??
Not very imaginative I know , but all I have.......... other than stay the night and hope a better idea would hit me in the morning!

Sue Hepworth said...

Answer in the next post, Jean. I don't know how people like me manage their lives if they don't have someone like Dave around.