Monday, June 21, 2010

It’s all so personal

OK, chaps, I probably was a bit mean to Greenberg and Ben Stiller in yesterday’s post.  On the other hand, I really thought the film was…..

You know what? I obviously just didn’t get the film. Maybe people who live in the same world as the guy in the film – maybe they get it.   (I am sooooh relieved I don’t live in that world.)

Opinions about films, plays, music, books – they are all so personal, so subjective. For example, look at these two comments from professionals in the publishing world about the manuscript of a well-published friend of mine – the same manuscript:

Whilst I applaud your use of ordinary characters in a commonplace milieu, I'm afraid none of them really grabbed me and I did not feel sufficiently interested in them to want to read on. It's very difficult to strike that balance and I don't feel this is working. I did not find myself getting involved in the story or caring what happened to these people.

l love it. I think you're a wonderful writer and the novel is lovely - clever, funny, subtle, wry, sad and uplifting all at once. I ADORE ****  [the main character]

You can’t please all of the people all of the time. And as for me and Ben Stiller – it’s probably bad chemistry.

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Marilyn said...

Hi Sue, I keep popping up now and again! I had to comment to say that I agree with everything you said about Ben Stiller. He is absolutely atrocious and about as funny as a slice of mud pie. So don't feel bad, or that you were too harsh. He puts himself up there in front of an audience so must expect criticism, good and bad. Having said all that, I do like his Dad, Jerry Stiller - and I can't help feeling that the only reason Ben has made any headway at all is because of his dad's reputation and the respect the 'industry' has for him. Another 'actor' I cannot stand is Adam Sandler and for ages I confused the two, Adam and Ben. Doesn't matter though as they are both really very bad indeed. And thanks for your review - I was thinking of giving Ben the benefit of the doubt since the film has been screened in no less a venue than the Showroom. I'll not be bothering!