Friday, July 16, 2010

Blast from the past

Pa and Sue,1965

In amongst the scores of letters that my mother saved, was a letter I wrote to my Gran when I was 14. Here is an excerpt, transcribed precisely…

We had our Christmas Fair last Saturday; I was fencing, Jen was doing Judo, and Pete was in the Gym display. Our form had a Tin Shy and a fortune teller. For the fortune teller’s booth we rigged up some screens and curtains with piles of brightly-coloured posters on the outside. We had two fortune tellers, who took it in turns, but we called them both “Mme Zena,” because they wore the same wig. One was a boy and one was a girl, and they were a great success. One man went in and was told he would have six children. He looked very worried and said that he was not married. To which Madame Zena replied, “Don’t worry. The truth often hurts.”


Love Sue xxx

p.s. Remember: the Rolling Stones are the best group in the world. Please give my love to Mrs Dirkin.

What a hoot.

p.s. I am very impressed with my 14 year old punctuation – aren’t you?

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