Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I don't understand

Things I don't understand:
1/ why I can't get images to fit on my blog any more
2/ what there is to eat on a grilled artichoke
3/ why Marks and Spencer no longer make good quality knickers. I bought some new ones to bring on the trip but left them at home to return later, because they were so hopeless, so thin and so flimsy. So Wendy took me to Victoria's Secret ( where, not being into shopping, I have never been before) and I bought some knickers like M&S used to make. They're such great quality, I am going to go back to stock up. When I told Zoe this on the phone, she said "Oh, so you're going to become a transatlantic knicker mule."

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Christine said...

Something I don't understand: why it is so difficult to buy a simple, yet elegant t-shirt in a good colour.