Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cut price hols

Do you remember our love affair with narrowboats this spring? Well, ever since then Dave has been devouring copies of Waterways World and ogling narrowboats on the net. On Tuesday he told me he had found we could hire a boat this Friday for a third of the price that it was in the spring.

April 2010 Llangollen barge holiday 187

Hmmm…I wonder why that could be…she said, stroking her chin.

Could it be that in late November the weather is wet, cold, windy, foggy and frosty, and the days are only 8 hours long…Hmmm…maybe…

April 2010 Llangollen barge holiday 215

Whatever! We are going tomorrow. I have been shopping, cooking, packing, and wondering whether I can bear to be away from my tenor sax of a whole week. I don’t think I can. So if you are walking down by the canal and you hear someone practising “My funny valentine” on a mellow saxophone – it will be me.

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