Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Update – aarrghh. There are gremlins in Blogger, getting in the way of people posting entries in my Christmas Competition. Another friend rang today to say they have left a comment and it has not appeared. If this has happened to you – please email me your entry and I will post it for you. Decode the following for my email address.. suedothepworthatgmaildotcom

Also, I am very very sorry.

Well, what do you want to know? Do you want to know that I have been rushing around as much as I can before the next lot of snow descends this week?

Dec 10

Or that on Sunday I came back from Quaker meeting to find we had a bat in the house? The member of the family who declines to be named picked up an injured bat on the flags by the back door and brought it inside to nurse it. He made it a nest in a box, gave it a drink with a water-laden paintbrush, fed it with flies that were floundering in the attic, plus a teaspoon of cat food, and after three hours, the bat had revived, and was chewing its way through the cardboard box. So he put the box outside and the bat flew out and climbed up the wall under a low window - a wholly unsuitable place for it to hang. An hour’s worry and indecision followed (not on the part of the bat) and then when next he looked, the bat had gone, to resume its hibernation in a safer place (we hope.)

Or do you want to know that I ordered a model helicopter kit from Amazon for my grandson, Tate, for Christmas, and when it arrived, Dave pointed out that it was encrusted with missiles (that I had not noticed) and was therefore not welcome in this pacifist family. Had I not realised what the name Apache signified when I ordered it?  Fortunately, I have also ordered the Solar System. What more could anyone ask? – “Darling, I didn’t get you the moon, I got you the planets.”

Or do you want to know that the agent who has had the third draft of my novel for the last 3 months has finally responded and said NO? (of which, more tomorrow.)

It would be a kind gesture to cheer me up by entering my Christmas Competition.

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