Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yesterday we woke to a landscape that looked like a lino-cut, and a house so warm we didn’t need slippers. Yay!

Dec 10 057

And I got to do exciting things like leave the house in a car that I was driving myself, and go to Sainsbury’s in Matlock for food, and get stuck in traffic jams of people saying to each other “I haven’t seen you in ages! Hasn’t it been awful?” The world and his wife and his granny was there, and everyone was cheerful, despite the long queues at the checkouts. Everyone was so delighted to be OUT.

And then in the afternoon I had to go to the post office with Christmas mail and had to stand in a queue for half an hour, and it didn’t demolish my good mood. Me! The most impatient woman in Derbyshire! That is what a week of incarceration does to me. I’d go crazy in prison.

Have you entered my Christmas Competition, yet? If not, why don’t you have a go? The closing date is Friday 17th December.

Oh, and another thought – did you know that Plotting for Beginners is available to read on a Kindle?

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