Thursday, December 09, 2010

This and that

First, I’m sorry to anyone who has entered my Christmas competition and whose entry has not appeared. A friend told me that this has happened to him. I don’t know what the gremlins are, but please will you try again if it’s happened to you?
Secondly, please remember that the task is to interpret the message in the card.
I have just got back from a night away in Sheffield, and I now feel human again. (I got a lift in a neighbour’s 4x4 to the bus stop.) I’m pretty unbearable when I have to stay in the house on account of the snow.
I went to see my grandson’s Christmas celebration at his school while I was away,

and I cried. Why do adults cry at these events? Is it because the children are so innocent and so happy, and yet you know there’s a big bad world out there just waiting to get them?

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