Thursday, January 20, 2011

Busy Day

1/ worked on PR campaign for new book
2/ practised sax
3/ attempted to deliver manuscript to copy-editor while en route to my daughter's house but was so engrossed by feature about Hattie Jacques on  Woman’s Hour on car radio that drove right past copy-editor’s house, and forgot until much too late to turn back
4/ admired my daughter’s jumble-sale booty that she bought on Saturday for use in her craft work
5/ went to Waterstones in Sheffield to check out book covers and fonts used on same, receiving expert advice from daughter on which fonts appeal to which socioeconomic strata
6/ chatted with (very helpful) Darren behind the counter about my new book
7/ complained to the Rowan Wools lady at John Lewis (Coles to Sheffielders) about the way daughter’s home-knitted jumper has pilled. Rowan lady receptive, charming, helpful and effective. Hooray for Rowan lady and Rowan!
8/ pleasant lunch with daughter
9/ advice to daughter on current craft project
10/watched  Neighbours on the net while recuperating on bed
11/ watched Koala Brothers and Little Robots on TV with my younger grandson(4)
12/ played with fire engines, camper vans and air ambulances  (and younger grandson) on the stairs
13/ talked to elder grandson about the Pioneer space craft and the meaning of the plaque on the side of it

13/ played exciting game of hide and seek and became so tightly wedged between the piano and the wall I thought I would be there till daughter came home and yanked me out. 
14/ played hilarious game of all-together-land with my younger grandson which entailed being tied tightly to each other with a red rope and attempting to walk
15/ tasty tea with daughter and family
16/ monthly discussion group at friend’s house with three close friends
17/ bed
18/ phew

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