Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They were armed with nothing but love and hope

If you’ve been reading my blog for two years or more you’ll remember that when the Israelis spent a month bombing Gaza in January 2009 I was so outraged and upset that  I blogged about it every day. During that time, I mentioned a Palestinian doctor called Izzeldin Abuelaish whose family home in Gaza was bombed. Three of his daughters were killed. Immediately after the attack, he rang a journalist friend in Israel, who was live on air, to ask for help. This is what happened. 
Dr Abuelaish had always been a passionate advocate for peace, for Israelis and Palestinians to live side by side in mutual respect. He himself worked in an Israeli hospital.  After his personal tragedy, he continued to speak for peace, and refused to hate the people who had killed his children. "Violence is never the right way,” he said. “My daughters and I were armed with nothing but love and hope."
This week, two years after their death, his book I Shall not Hate has been published by Bloomsbury.

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