Thursday, February 17, 2011

The planets

Don’t tell me that astrology doesn’t work.
Yesterday I had Mars (energy/conflict)  opposition (in difficult aspect to)  Mercury (communication).
  1. I woke up from a nightmare in which someone was saying nasty things to me
  2. I spilled a full mug of tea all over the bed and the floor
  3. I crashed my laptop
  4. I went to the local library in Bakewell with my 5 page permission request to fax to David E Kelley Productions in Los Angeles, and when I got there realised I had forgotten the fax number
  5. so I Googled it at the library and sent the fax
  6. then got home and checked the fax number and found I had used the wrong one so had to go back to the library to fax again
  7. came home and had a spat with the family member who declines to be named.
Fortunately after that, things improved. I got to see Zoe and my grandsons. The six year old showed me the book he had written about the planets (astronomy is his latest craze) which has a contents page and what he calls a “blurb” on the back. How does he know what he knows? He is a marvel.

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