Thursday, March 10, 2011

Writer? Grandmother? Writer?

I’ve been waiting excitedly for the hard copy of my book cover to arrive from San Francisco. I’ve seen it on screen, but I was dying to see it for real. Today it arrived. Fedex banged on the door and I rushed to answer. As I tore open the packet I saw there was something else in there - some A4-size photographs of Lux (aka @thebeean).  I forgot the book cover, pounced on the photos and oohed and aahed. “Isn’t she lovely? Look at this one! look at this one! Oh, look at this one!”

Then I looked at the book cover and drooled over that.

Perhaps I’m a grandmother before I’m a writer. Who would have thought it? Certainly not the me of 7 years ago.

Feb 19 2011

The cover is beautiful and I am delighted. But just look at my granddaughter! Isn’t she gorgeous?


Anonymous said...


Love from the islands,

Marilyn said...

Hi again, she is absolutely beautiful! A little ray of sunshine (Light!) amidst all the devastation in the world right now. I'm so glad she and her parents are safe. (Oh, and many congratulations on the book as well!)